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Flat Hills



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At a Glance

A relatively flat road ride around Perthville and Georges Plains to the south of Bathurst.  The route I use goes past Ryan’s Road and up to the base of Rockley Mount.

Why I choose this course and the bike(s) I prefer to ride

These are roads that are often ridden by local cyclists either alone or in groups, as well as a race route used by the Bathurst Cycling Club.  I ride this course to gently spin my legs, or if I want to warm up on the way out before the three fast-paced returns to Perthville, George’s Plains and Bathurst on either my road bike or my TT rig.  Here’s a thing too – I can actually coast all the way down from Rockley Mount to Perthville (no pedaling for between 7km to 8km).

Route Difficulty

I rate this ride as 3 on a scale out of 10, only because of the distance and a couple of the gentle gradients on the Rockley Road and Cow Flat Road.  A climb gradient of 7.5 metres for every kilometre ridden means this is a good recovery ride for experienced cyclists or, further to my notes above, for me to build endurance when I am training for multi-day bikepacking rides with long days in the saddle.


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- Enjoyable ride through mixed farming county

- Coasting or fast open descents

- Bluestone Bridge Hotel

- Historic home on Cow Flat Road

Traps For Young Players

- Wildlife – kangaroos and wombats

Camping & Accommodation

- Bathurst and surrounds have so many options.

Food & Water

- Bathurst and surrounds have so many options.

- Service station at Perthville

Useful Links

Course notes

Leaving Bathurst and travelling near the railway precinct of the city’s historical industrial heart, I’m soon riding in picturesque farm country in the valley between the hills after I pass the Farmer’s Arms Hotel and the local dog pound on Lloyd’s Road.

The Vale Road was once part of the original motor racing circuit of Bathurst.  I ride past the new velodrome of the Bathurst Cycling Club opposite the intersection with the Lagoon Road (to Chifley Dam) at Orton Park and then through two beautiful avenues of poplars.  The change in seasons and the variations of light during the day always promote thoughts in my mind that I am riding country roads in Europe or the UK.

The bluestone pub at the historic village of Perthville is a good marker, and I’m now about 10km out of town.  I turn left at the pub and start to follow the road to Rockley.  It’s a gentle meandering rise from the village up to Ryan’s Road which is the first chance for a turnaround point (where local racing turns around).  I choose to ride on for a little over 2.5km and turn at the base of Rockley Mount (17.8km from the start), where the road rises sharply and overtaking lanes for motorized vehicles.

I love the return leg to Perthville as my speed increases and I enjoy the descent.  I can coast all the way down, but I tend to hook in a little here and enjoy a faster speed for around 8km,

I get back to the Perthville Pub, turn left before crossing the railway line and continuing through the wide-open farming valley to George’s Plains.  The village no longer has a pub, but the building still stands in between the next railway crossing and the bridge over George’s Plains Creek.

The road narrows as I turn left onto Cow Flat Road and ride past horse studs and heritage houses, before crossing the single bridge over Queen Charlotte’s Creek and then start to climb up towards the Quarry.  It’s not that far, and not that steep, but the gradient is enough just to slow my speed and increase my heart rate on the short climb past the church and the koala sign on my way through the native vegetation up to the entrance to the quarry.

Once I turn at Ryan’s Road and from the quarry’s gate, I’m always mindful of the fast descents back to the villages of Perthville and George’s Plains as there are many kangaroos, wallabies and wombats on these roads at any time of day.

I ride straight past the turn back to Bathurst once back in George’s Plains and continue on the road to Trunkey Creek and Goulburn.  It’s only about 6km further out to “Skippy”, a road sign that has been there for decades and is a known turning point for cyclists in the district.

Once I turn at the sign, it’s a gentle 20km downslope ride back to Bathurst through George’s Plains and Perthville.

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