About Escapalicious

Map Based Experiential Adventure

Sharing routes, experiences and local knowledge for serious fun!

We all know there’s nothing like local knowledge when you set off under your own steam, be it on foot, on a bike or on the water.

The Escapalicious website provides a platform for map based experiential adventure and sharing of local knowledge. This website can be your experiential adventuring companion that you keep in your pocket when planning or completing a trip into regional NSW on your own or with a group of like-minded adventurers.

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About 0ur aim…

Escapalicious aims to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and enjoy the best of regional networks at your own pace. It can be a one-stop shop for people of all ages and abilities to select locations, activities and routes that meet their fitness, skills, level of risk-taking, needs, wants, goals and objectives.

Connecting and promoting Australian Regional communities on the trails less travelled is what Escapalicious is all about. Like-minded explorers can visualize connection pathways and opportunities for adventure on the same paths taken over time by others.

Our philosophy… Escape to you!

Adventure begins at your own front door. It's a chance for you to escape to places that make you feel good - at the time, and when recounting the stories to others long after you’re home. It’s about planning an escape that you think might be fun without exactly knowing the outcome. Each adventure is also an experience. It’s fun alone, and even more fabulous with your mates.

Escape your glorious mundane to join Escapalicious in Regional NSW, where we immerse ourselves in nature-based self-propelled experiential adventure and enjoy the delicious home-grown gastronomic delights cultivated by fabulous country people.


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