Assessing Risk

Adventures can be great fun, but nothing comes without some degree of risk.  Followers of this website and users of the published information need to assess their own level of fitness and competence before and continually whilst undertaking any route, event, exercise or adventure published here.

I’m generally known as a risk-averse (or risk-calculator) sort-of adventurer.  Sometimes, things don’t go as planned.  Since starting my second half century of life, I’ve had to reassess my capabilities after a couple of visits to hospital when things went horribly wrong.  I didn’t assess the risks or consider some hazards as well as I should have.

Bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, skin and especially gear can all be damaged.  Mind and body rehabilitation is important during recovery, and this needs to be completed steadily (and likely with the help of professionals in their fields).  It’s helped me a bundle when I’ve fallen from my horse, and then gradually returned to the fray.

Take care out there.  Recovering from Type-3 Adventure, or any stuff-up whilst enjoying the outdoors, can take a long time.