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Gavin – The Cowpat Climber

Adventurer / Explorer / Fluids Aficionado / Escapalicious Founder

I can best be described as a galoot who enjoys the outdoors – hiking, orienteering, rogaining, cycling and bikepacking, kayaking, skiing and camping in regional Australia.

I’m an experiential adventurer who has been pushing the limits of type-2 fun for far too many years. I often adventure solo, but love adventuring with others. I enjoy introducing people to something they never thought they would be able to do.

As a former footy player, I refer to myself as a Clydesdale cyclist. Bovine or equine – I’ll never be a climber due to my size.

I’m a local from Bathurst in NSW who is passionate about sharing the many secrets of the amazing region where I live, exploring new areas and supporting local businesses along the way

I hope Escapalicious inspires you to start you own adventure at your own front door.

Check me out on Instagram and Facebook for where I’ve been!


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Tilly the super cute Border Collie

Loyal trail dog / Lover of pats, cuddles and tummy rubs

I love being out and about with the family and the crew.  The outdoors is where it's at for me.

Please keep it quiet because I don't think this crowd has worked out I'm a dog.  I'm allowed inside and I love being by the fire at home and at the coffee shops in winter.

Oh, … and I can’t possibly miss out.  The next adventure … I’m there waiting at the garage door ready to get in the car.


Bubbly/ Coffee Addict / Chatterbox

A caffeine-addicted chatterbox, driven by a combo of FOMO and JOLA… Be it skiing, cycling, riding camels or donkeys, rowing, bushwalking, kayaking, gravel riding or camping.

I’m in my happy place when I’m surrounded by wonderful people enjoying life outside in the fresh air.

*FOMO: fear of missing out.  #JOLA: joy of looking ahead!


Nathan – The Child-like Entertainment

Bean Counter / Adrenaline Junkie / Most Likely to Sw3@r

Mild-mannered accountant by day, sports tragic after lunch, and doting parent out-of-hours.  I’m a crazy adrenaline junkie looking for anything close to the land speed record on any weekend.

I love getting about finding places I’ve never been before, drinking beers and coffees I’ve never drunk before, and hurtling down roads at top speed on 2 wheels.

Part of the infamous Cowpat Climbers, I aim to bring down the tone of any conversation and share laughs with my fellow adventurers along the way.