Difficulty Ratings

Here’s a guide to my ratings of grading and difficulty.  I’ve entwined the global ski-ratings symbology with my own definitions.  Considering the Fun scale I try to stay within the boundaries of Type 1 and Type 2 Fun as much as possible.  Stay away from Type 3 Fun, because that’s when things can go wrong

The Fun Scale

Image Source: Sketchplanations
Licencing reference from Sketchplanations website is here.

Escapalicious Difficult Ratings Explained


1. Cinch

Easy, pretty flat, most people can do with a bit of effort


2. Vigorous

Top end of the easy scale, a few gradients, longer


3. Tough Gig

Solid hit-out for most people


4 Arduous

Top end of the intermediate scale, just a bit tougher again


5. Punishing

Need to be fit and reasonable skill set


6 Hurculean

Need to be really fit, and advanced skill set


7. Colossal

Combine fit with an element of crazy


8. Crazy

Tough, Fit, Crazy, Carry food, water, tools, sleeping kit, kitchen sink


9. Stupiditude

Fit, really tough, really crazy, update will, exhaustipating for body and mind