Portland Reserve and Plantation Loop


Portland Reserve and Plantation Loop

Awesome gravel ride with terrific scenery












4 - Arduous



A tad hilly



2.5 hours


Average Speed

10 km/h


Climb (m/km)









Min Elevation



Max Elevation


At a Glance

This is an awesome gravel ride with terrific scenery that starts and finishes in Portland NSW. We rode it on our gravel bikes, and took it steady on the descents and through the water crossings.

Sensory Engagement

Diversity of landscapes in such a short distance feature on this interesting lap.  Eucalypt woodlands, plantations, water crossings and the old Portland water supply dam are highlights out of town.  When back in town, check out the street art and silo precinct.

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Other Stuff

Portland is undergoing a transformation from its recent industrial heritage to a location for artists and outdoor experiences.  Check online for opening hours of The Grove (cafe) and The Coronation Hotel (food and accommodation), as well as the Foundation.

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Enjoyable ride through woodlands and plantations

Old Portland water supply dam

Portland street and silo art

Sights on Route

Quiet gravel roads and steady climbs

Coasting or fast descents

Cool views

Traps For Young Players

Wildlife – kangaroos and wombats

Creek crossings after heavy rains

Sketchy phone reception in places

Take it steady on rougher sections of gravel road

Food & Drink

None on route

Supermarket in Portland

The Grove at Portland

Coronation Hotel

Camping & Accommodation

Best Time to Ride

This route can be ridden at any time of year.  I wouldn't ride this course when it's really windy (falling limbs), just after heavy rains (there are two creek crossings) and during summer on days of total fire bans.

What’s the best bike for this route?

We rode our gravel bikes with 38mm and 40mm tubeless tyres, and comfortably completed the loop.  An XC MTB would also be suitable, but any bikes with narrower tyres than 38mm would struggle.  E-bikes would be great on the climbs.

Do I take anything special on this course?

Phone reception can be marginal, so taking an alternate form of communications is always a good idea in the bush.  I always take a snack with me too.

Route Difficulty

I rate this course as 4 - Arduous, especially with the steady climbing.  The route is not that long but there are some tricky bits through the Crown Reserve (Town Common) just out of Portland, the creek crossings and some of the gravel in the plantations.

Ride Notes

This route is not well signposted and so it's best to download the route to a device and follow it.  A little bit of exploration off route is something I always do, but I know I can return to course and then ride back to town.

Good parts: A beautiful part of Wiradjuri country. The views, the old Portland water supply dam, the industrial heritage of Portland, and quiet gravel roads.

Tough parts: Some of the climbs, and the creek crossings can be tricky.

Crappy parts: Blackberry canes on the roads in the plantation.  The thorns will puncture tyres.

Would I do it again? Yep.  We are taking more mates with us next time.

Traps for young players: Creek crossings after heavy rains.

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