Day walks, overnighters or multi-day exploration are enjoyable experiences and adventures. Adults and kids alike enjoy being out in the bush. It’s also fun when people can line it up with a bit of camping, or a short escape for a long weekend (or longer if time permits).

It’s best to explore with mates, particularly from a safety point of view but also because I enjoy the experience with others. I always take a small first aid kit (especially snake bandages), some food and water, and let people know where I’m going, who I’m going with and when I’ll return.


I’m gathering a collection of locations I walk and sharing them on the map below.  Select the Trail Head icon (TH), another icon or route on the map below to find out more about each location or trail.

I’ve also collected routes and published escapalicious pages called Walk Bathurst and Run Bathurst < hyperlink these to the new pages >, which can also be accessed from the icons on the map below too.

Initially, locations and routes published on the map will link walkers to an externally described web page or app.  Escapalicious will add and update information on our own website as time and travels permit.